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***Okay, so the ending of this video is filled with nothing but music, if you want to listen, go ahead…but there isn’t anything after that. lol, sorry about that. -Hails***

This took forever to make, and it’s from us Krazie Kids to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget to read Gina’s Valentine’s Day themed article on GNuh’s Corner.

Don’t forget to read Hails’ Valentine’s Day themed article on Life-Not A Word, A Choice.

~~If you have any funny Valentine’s Story, video, or want to tell us experiences…or songs you like, what you’re hoping to happen this VDay, anything! Email it to mike.cirrupp.1991@gmail.com and it will be posted!! (if it’s approriete and all that jazz)

I’ll be posting more stuff about KKND, so be sure to check back soon!

~Admin, Hails


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Okay, we have new pictures and videos all over the website! To check them all out inĀ  one place go to the Kewl Stuffs page…or keep reading.

Articles will be up later!:)


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