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Morggy Posts ‘Bout VDay

Morggy posts about Valentine’s Day.

Read her post here.

Or: (more…)


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ReFuPe Week #2, Winner

This was the only entry we got for week two, so this is who won:

GNUH!! Congrats 🙂

Right now, the count is: Mandazz- 1, GNuh- 1, Morggy-0, and EricA-0.

Keep us laughing, Krazie Kids! And Kongrats to GNuh!!

Read all the entries: (more…)

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Okay, we have new pictures and videos all over the website! To check them all out in  one place go to the Kewl Stuffs page…or keep reading.

Articles will be up later!:)


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ReFuPe, G~Nuh, Week 2

Read our topic and what our blogger G~nuh did with it.

Read this here.

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#1 Realle Funne People, Vote

Okay, this is your voting for week one of  ‘Realle Funne People’ and who you thought were the funniest responses to the topic.

So far our scores are: EricA-0, Morggy-0, Mandazz-0, and GinaG-0.

Since this is the first week, I will explain to you how to vote. This post, that you are reading right now, you post, ‘Realle Funne People Week 1′ in your comment and then write the person you would like to vote for. So your comment is going to look something like this:

Realle Funne People Week 1, Mandazz

You have until this Friday–November 20th–to vote. You can vote as many times as you like before then. I will share with you the winner on Saturday.


Read what each blogger said here.

Or click the link below to see what they said: (more…)

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Our last blogger submitted her ideas for this week’s topic on, ‘Realle Funne People.’

Read what Morggy said here.

Or: (more…)

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ReFuPe, Update Week #1, EricA

Our krazie kid, EricA, shared his opinions on the ‘Realle Funne People’ topic.

Read what EricA had to say here.

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