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G-Nuh posted a new post on “G-Nuh’s Corner” and make sure you check it out!

She tells you how the dance turned out, who she ended up getting jewelery from, she updates you on Lyric Mania, annnd you get to here her first ramble-i mean movie review.

How was everyone’s Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day? Okay? Good? Great? Awful? Hm, well I guess it sucks to be you. Just kidding.  Well I can tell you that I enjoyed the night before V-day that the actually holiday itself. I went out to eat with my two of my best guy friends and then we went to the dance. Now, let’s be honest here, the dance this time wasn’t has fun as last time. There weren’t as many people. You see, most of the eighth graders decided they were all just going to stay home so only a couple eighth graders came and the rest were seventh grade.

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***Okay, so the ending of this video is filled with nothing but music, if you want to listen, go ahead…but there isn’t anything after that. lol, sorry about that. -Hails***

This took forever to make, and it’s from us Krazie Kids to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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~~If you have any funny Valentine’s Story, video, or want to tell us experiences…or songs you like, what you’re hoping to happen this VDay, anything! Email it to mike.cirrupp.1991@gmail.com and it will be posted!! (if it’s approriete and all that jazz)

I’ll be posting more stuff about KKND, so be sure to check back soon!

~Admin, Hails

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G-nuh just posted her first post on her new blog, ‘G-nuh’s Corner.’ Here’s an excerpt:

Hey, it’s Gina and this is my first post on my very own page! Yippee! You may have already read my biography on Krazie Kids, if not go ahead and check it out here. Soon here enough, I’ll be getting my fav songs on there. Just to let you know, I’m here to talk about….just about anything!

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“G-nuh’s Corner”- a page we are testing out where one of our bloggers will talk about any and everything that crosses her mind. she is competing with EricA’s Page for a spot…so. Let the battle begin. We’ll try to get two articles in a week. check it. https://kraziekidsnextdoor.wordpress.com/gnuhs-corner/

I do certainly hope you enjoy this new segment!

-Admin, Hails

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