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ReFuPe Week #2, Winner

This was the only entry we got for week two, so this is who won:

GNUH!! Congrats 🙂

Right now, the count is: Mandazz- 1, GNuh- 1, Morggy-0, and EricA-0.

Keep us laughing, Krazie Kids! And Kongrats to GNuh!!

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***Okay, so the ending of this video is filled with nothing but music, if you want to listen, go ahead…but there isn’t anything after that. lol, sorry about that. -Hails***

This took forever to make, and it’s from us Krazie Kids to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget to read Gina’s Valentine’s Day themed article on GNuh’s Corner.

Don’t forget to read Hails’ Valentine’s Day themed article on Life-Not A Word, A Choice.

~~If you have any funny Valentine’s Story, video, or want to tell us experiences…or songs you like, what you’re hoping to happen this VDay, anything! Email it to mike.cirrupp.1991@gmail.com and it will be posted!! (if it’s approriete and all that jazz)

I’ll be posting more stuff about KKND, so be sure to check back soon!

~Admin, Hails

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“G-nuh’s Corner”- a page we are testing out where one of our bloggers will talk about any and everything that crosses her mind. she is competing with EricA’s Page for a spot…so. Let the battle begin. We’ll try to get two articles in a week. check it. https://kraziekidsnextdoor.wordpress.com/gnuhs-corner/

I do certainly hope you enjoy this new segment!

-Admin, Hails

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Okay, we have new pictures and videos all over the website! To check them all out in  one place go to the Kewl Stuffs page…or keep reading.

Articles will be up later!:)


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Exam Schedule

The majority of our bloggers had spent time this week studying/taking their exams and could not find time to write anything–and one of those people would be me, indeed. So, I would like to apoligize for the lack of posting this week.

You shall hear from us Krazie Kids over Christmas Break, I assume. So don’t get disheartened! We still love all of you! lol:) And we haven’t turned normal or anything either. To confirm your worst fear as false. *shivers* What normal must be like…

Lol, Later!


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Back In Track

Alright, the past few weeks have either been breaks or test runs. I think I have now figured out how things work, and how this is going to have to be with our authors, schedules, etc. This week we should be getting things in the norm. And for those of you who are also concerned with my ‘Twilighter’s Blog’ posting I promise I will try and stick to what I told you.

I am also going to talk to another of my friends about opening a new seciont in our, ‘Twilighter’s Blog.’ My boyfriend I have convinced to read the ‘Twilight’ books. He has started reading as we speak. So, I think just to add to the ‘uniqueness,’ I will talk to him about writing his take–a guy’s take–on the Twilight Saga. No guarentees yet.

As for EricA on, ‘EricA’s Page,’ I don’t know what to tell you. Hopefully he’ll be hip to the schedule the rest of us agreed on.

We’re working on fundraisers to support our website themed merchandise as we speak.

‘Life-Not A Word, A Choice’ and ‘Realle Funne People’ were not updated last week. It was a so called, “break week.” But they will be back on normal scehdule this week.

For ‘Retarted And A Half’ we’re working on getting our videos and things up. Please be patient!

Later. ❤ You All!!!!

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Official Schedule

  • EricA’s Pagenew post once a week
  • Flipping Awesome Merchupdated twice a month
  • Kewl Stuffzupdated three times a week
  • Life-Not A Word, A Choiceupdated Mondays-Wednesdays
  • Realle Funne Peopleupdated Mondays-Fridays
  • Retarded And A Halfupdated every Saturday
  • Twilighter’s Blogupdated every weekend
  • We’re ‘IS’ingupdated twice a week
  • The Path Betweenupdated once a week


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