G-nuh posted her VDay theme!!! Check it, yo.

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LNAWAC Post #13

Check out my Valentine’s Day themed article, on  ‘Life-Not A Word, A Choice’. Here’s an excerpt:

This lovely little post is going to be Valentine’s Day themed! Just to update you, sometimes I love Valentine’s Day, but then it rolls around, I’m single and I become like a Valentine’s Day scrooge.

That’s right.

Mostly, this is because with the luck that I have, I always end up becoming single very close to Valentine’s Day.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘well you have a boyfriend right now, so all you have to do is keep him for about another month.’ That is where you are wrong my dear friends.

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G-nuh just posted her first post on her new blog, ‘G-nuh’s Corner.’ Here’s an excerpt:

Hey, it’s Gina and this is my first post on my very own page! Yippee! You may have already read my biography on Krazie Kids, if not go ahead and check it out here. Soon here enough, I’ll be getting my fav songs on there. Just to let you know, I’m here to talk about….just about anything!

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Path Between Post #1

Gray-C posted her first article on ‘The Path Between.’ Here’s an excerpt:

Ok this is my first blog about switching schools. I switched from an ordinary public school to a private catholic school just recently because my mom and dad wanted me, my brother and sister to (mostly because of academic reasons). So basically it wasn’t for any real reason. This article is about dealing with the switch and stuff like that and then I’ll get into the people, drama, classes, and big differences between the schools in later articles.

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LNAWAC Post #12

Wrote a new article on ‘Life- Not A Word, A Choice.’ Here is an excerpt:

So, I hope you guys have been checking out the new photos and videos we’ve put up. We’re really hoping to get things  running full-proof for the new year. I’m afriad I’ll have to delete a lot of stuff, but EricA, Morggy, and Mandazz are just not grasping the point of team effort, here.SO, that being said, don’t be surprised if this site gets smalled by next year. People just aren’t doing their part.

Anyway, how’s the Christmas Break going so far? Are we excited for Christmas? Anybody have some thoughts on what they’re getting?

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G-Nuh’s Corner

“G-nuh’s Corner”- a page we are testing out where one of our bloggers will talk about any and everything that crosses her mind. she is competing with EricA’s Page for a spot…so. Let the battle begin. We’ll try to get two articles in a week. check it. https://kraziekidsnextdoor.wordpress.com/gnuhs-corner/

I do certainly hope you enjoy this new segment!

-Admin, Hails

New Pictures and Videos

Okay, we have new pictures and videos all over the website! To check them all out in  one place go to the Kewl Stuffs page…or keep reading.

Articles will be up later!:)

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