Review of “Troy” by Adele Geraz. Review By: Hailey Shoemaker

I was never into reading History books or Historical Fiction stories until about a year ago. That’s when I read History my mind started to form it into it’s own love story, soap opera, or young adult novel. All of the sudden, History just wasn’t facts about yesterday; they were stories about people like us today.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t just stumble along this book; it itself didn’t pop out and grab my interest. There’s a movie that my family watches frequently called “Troy” which has Brad Pitt and other hot actors. The story–and the shirtless six-packed men–in the movie caught and held my attention. I wanted to know more about the Troy vs. Sparta conflict. When searching for a book to read online, I immediately discovered this one. And even though it is titled the same as the move of my interest, they are clearly not the same story.

In the movie, you get to know more about what goes through the men hero’s lives and how this battle affects them. There is no good and bad, it just is. Once in the movie, in an almost showdown between Achilles, great Spartan/Greek warrior, and Prince Hector, eldest Prince of Troy and magnificent leader, Prince Hector said, “In a thousand years the dust from our bones shall be gone.” Achilles responded, “Yes, Prince, but our names shall remain.” It is portrayed that Prince Paris, the younger brother of Prince Hector, is completely and totally in love with Queen Helen of Sparta and would do anything to be with her. Paris and Helen are in love and forever will be in love. Hector is completely in love with his wife, Andromache, and his son, Astyanax, and would do any and everything to protect and love them. Their father, King Priam, is a man of honor and doesn’t approve of Paris’s choices to bring Helen, but would “fight a thousand wars before seeing his son die.” Achilles’ cousin, Patroklos, went with Achilles and the soldiers to Troy. One day, when Achilles was refusing to fight–“[I will not fight] until Agamemnon groans to have Achilles back”–Patroklos, behind his cousin’s back, put on Achilles armor and led the men into battle, posing as Achilles. Prince Hector goes up against him, thinking it Achilles. After he has killed Patroklos dead, he removes his helmet and finds that it is not Achilles. After Achilles finds out that Hector has killed his cousin, he become overwhelmingly upset and furious. He takes off to Troy, and screams at the Gates of Troy for Prince Hector to come down and face him. When Prince Hector comes, Achilles kills him and then ties him by the ankles and carries him off on his carriage. King Priam is horrified, and later that night goes to Achilles, and begs at his feet and kisses his hands, he wants his son to have the proper burial ceremonies. Achilles is touched, and with his tears, gives the King Prince Hector’s body. When the Spartans and Greek “present” the Trojans with the Horse of Troy and it is welcomed into the castle, later that night the Spartans and Greeks come out of the horse and began to terrorize the Trojans. Prince Hector before his death had briefed his wife, Andromache, on an escape from Troy and into the mountains. Andromache escapes with Helen, Astyanax, and some other women and young men. Prince Paris stays to go and find his cousin, who was also given back to the Trojans by Achilles the day Prince Hector’s body was picked up. But Prince Paris finds Achilles with his cousin, and despite his cousin’s begging to not harm Achilles, Paris shoots him in the ankle, ending his life. Prince Paris did not know that his cousin and Achilles were lovers. And Achilles’ death is what ends the movie.

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She tells you how the dance turned out, who she ended up getting jewelery from, she updates you on Lyric Mania, annnd you get to here her first ramble-i mean movie review.

How was everyone’s Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day? Okay? Good? Great? Awful? Hm, well I guess it sucks to be you. Just kidding.  Well I can tell you that I enjoyed the night before V-day that the actually holiday itself. I went out to eat with my two of my best guy friends and then we went to the dance. Now, let’s be honest here, the dance this time wasn’t has fun as last time. There weren’t as many people. You see, most of the eighth graders decided they were all just going to stay home so only a couple eighth graders came and the rest were seventh grade.

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ReFuPe Week #2, Winner

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GNUH!! Congrats 🙂

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This took forever to make, and it’s from us Krazie Kids to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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